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Guest Blog

Four Reasons the Common Experience is Important for Students

It's a Lot More than Just Innovation

November 29, 2018
By Kenzie Gaskill, Guest Blogger

Patrick Kennedy addresses a capacity crowd at Evans Auditorium

Editor’s note: Each year there is an academic theme that can play a huge role in students’ lives. This year the theme is innovation. For the past semester, students have had the chance to attend speaker events that inspire them to be innovative in their daily lives. The Common Experience has also equipped students at events to venture out into an innovative world. Here’s how the innovative theme can enhance your experience at Texas State.

1. Get involved

There are many varieties of events that the Common Experience offers for all students with different interests. A few examples of the opportunities students will get to be involved with are interacting with technology, exhibits, listening to world-renowned speakers, watching performances from a variety of talented people and much more. The Common Experience offers the opportunity to get involved at little or no cost for these events. 

2. Pursue old interests

The events that students get the opportunity to go to will also allow them to explore subjects that he or she may have thought about before but may not have had the opportunity to learn about.

3. Discover new interests

There are so many things to discover and learn about, and the Common Experience gives the opportunity for students to do so. When a student discovers something new, he or she could develop a strong passion, enhance his or her academics and could potentially lead to a new career path.

4. Meet new people

College is not just about learning -- it’s also about making new friends and discovering their perspectives on numerous things. Getting involved in the events that the Common Experience offers gives students the opportunity to make friends outside of the normal group that they are around. Going to these events, gaining insight with these new experiences and meeting new people allows Texas State students to feel more a part of the university as a whole.