Theme Video

Texas State University presents an engaging theme each year, providing diverse opportunities for everyone— students, faculty, staff, and community members— to share in a Common Experience.

Our Common Experience theme for the 2022-2023 academic year is Systems Thinking. Students are made of, surrounded by, and embedded in systems from the moment they enter the world. When they choose to attend Texas State University, they choose to insert themselves into one of the most impactful systems of their lives—one that will allow them to change the world. 

When you understand a system, you can better navigate it. 
When you can navigate a system, you can advocate for change. 

This Common Experience theme challenges students to create their Common Experience by learning a new language and deploying a new skill to understand, inform, and improve systems throughout the campus, community, country, and world. With a focus for fostering community by creating connections among students, faculty, staff and administration—systems thinking can empower students and university members to shape lasting personal and collective change for the better on our campus and beyond.